Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Catching Up

I've been lazy about posting recently and for that I apologize. With the May long weekend chore fest my normal chore schedule got out of whack and I've only managed to get back on schedule in the last couple of days.

The baby apple trees we planted seem to be doing very well. The two that had leaves already are putting out more leaves and the existing leaves have turned a nice healthy green colour. The third tree has finally started to bud out so my fears of planting a dead stick were for nought.

The herbs are doing pretty good, though the Basil is still spindly and sickly. The Cilantro (Coriander) on the other hand has shot straight up and is over a foot tall. The leaves are really starting to bush out so I'll be using fresh Cilantro this weekend for sure. The Sage is coming back nicely as is the Oregano and Tarragon. We've clipped quite a few of the Tarragon leaves already and have them hanging in the kitchen to dry under the ceiling fan.

The garden is in full sprout mode. The beans are coming up in every row, including the corn rows. No sign of the corn yet, which has me concerned. I had to place bird netting over the corn bed as I caught a Blue Jay merrily pulling up beans and digging up corn seed. I replanted one or two corn seeds that had little tiny rootlets coming out so hopefully the corn is just slow. The peas we planted in the boxes over by the dog kennel seem, except for squirrels digging in the boxes , to be doing really well. Most of the shoots are over three inches tall now. The lettuce that was doing so well has stopped growing. I think the weather got to warm to fast for it. I plan on putting a shade screen around the south and west side of the barrel, where the lettuce is planted, to give a break from the heat so it will continue growing.

I got very excited the day we bought the straw to mulch the apple trees. We found a feed store that would order in chicks for us. It was the fist time we'd found chicks available locally. I'd been hoping to get a couple of chickens so we could have our own eggs and add the manure to the compost bins. PeterC called up the Township to ask about bylaws against chickens only to find out the Township doesn't care but the Province has decided that a 100ft x 100ft lot just isn't big enough for chickens of any amount. I was so disappointed after hearing the news. So my dreams of raising a few chickens for the eggs has been put on hold until PeterC retires and we can buy a small farm somewhere.

On a happier note, the Honeybees are back. The crabapple tree bloomed like crazy this year and while admiring the blooms we noticed a lot of buzzing. Sure enough, when we investigated closer, each flower cluster was occupied by a very busy honeybee. They disappeared a couple of years ago when all the talk about the Bee Colony Collapse was in the news. We were greatly relieved to see them return as that means everything will be properly pollinated this year, which I suspect was the reason the squash did so poorly last year. I'm tempted to build a small hive for them in the back area so they can move in if they choose.

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Anonymous said...

beekeeping seems to be fairly popular in this area. Apparently the only rough part is when they swarm a couple of times per year: The folks down the road may wake up to a stalactite of bees under the picnic table.

Too bad about the chicken thing. Good to hear everything else is coming together for the summer!