Sunday, April 06, 2008

Snow Mold

I was blessed to come into this world with very few allergies and only two that are truly dangerous, Penicillin and Rattlesnake Anti-venom. Don't ask, it's a story from my childhood. Needless to say I've stayed away from rattlesnakes since then. Unfortunately, one of my few nemesis is one I can't get away from unless I move to another country further south. Much further south. The culprit is Snow Mold.

Snow Mold is the spring time result of melting snow. As the snow falls in the late fall and throughout the winter it collects little bits of debris, pollen, and mold spores which feed and breed on the debris and pollen. When the snow starts melting in the spring time sun, all this little mold spores hatch, or whatever it is they do, and fly into the air causing itchy eyes, runny nose, and sometimes a deep cough that does not go away until the snow is all gone.

So, as much as I love the coming of Spring, and celebrate when the daffodils start poking their cautious heads out of the soil, I dread it too. I dread the itchy eyes and the runny nose, though they can be handled with allergy medication. What I dread the most is the unending cough that everyone around me calls a smoker's cough. Not only is it annoying but after two weeks of coughing my ribs and back hurt and I feel as weak as a three day old kitten.

Soon though, especially with the warm days we've been having, the snow will be gone and the ground will dry out. The itchy eyes and clogged lungs will be gone and I will once again be able to breath deeply of the green world and look on natures beauty without having to wipe endlessly at my eyes.

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