Friday, April 25, 2008

Lettuce Sprouts and Herbs

I planted lettuce in one of our blue planting tubs last week. Wednesday I came home to find that the lettuce had sprouted. Joy of joys, it looks like we will have fresh lettuce on our plates in a few weeks.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day out in the yard cleaning up the herb planters from last year and planting, or transplanting, herbs for this year. The Oregano, Lemon Balm, Sage, and Tarragon all came back this year so I took cuttings of the Oregano and transplanted them to other bare spots in the flower beds. The Lemon Balm will have to remain in the planter as it can become a very invasive plant if planted in the yard. The Tarragon is in with the Currant bushes and has plenty of room to grow. Unfortunately the Sage isn't big enough to transplant this year but it does look to be off to a good start. Perhaps next year I can spread it out some more.

We bought Chamomile, Coriander, Basil, and Rosemary on Wednesday and planted them yesterday. Basil and Coriander are annuals so they were planted in a planter. The Chamomile and Rosemary are supposed to be perennials so they were planted in the empty spaces in our flower beds. We may be going back this weekend to buy Dill, Fennel, and possibly Chives. I'll have to see what money we have left in the budget.

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