Monday, February 25, 2008

A Brief Hint of Spring

I love winter, snow, and the brisk clean air of a good winter day. It seems to be an unusual trait among the people I spend time with. But, after February comes around I find myself longing for Spring to arrive. I start getting itchy feet and the need to dig in the Earth and plant my garden.

Saturday was a gorgeous day and the first hint of the Spring blush. The sun was warm, the snow sparkling like thousands of diamonds dusted the ground. The birds were boisterous and I'm pretty sure I heard the peep, peep of hungry baby Sparrows coming from the roof where they nest year after year. The earliest of our migrant birds, the Common Grackle and the Starling, even made an appearance at the bird feeder.

But, it was only a brief glimpse of Spring. Today was windy and even though the Sun was warm, the air itself was cold. The clouds moved in this afternoon and the weather is promising several centimetres of snow by tomorrow evening. But, the inner Pagan who fears that Spring will never return has seen the signs that mean that Mother Nature has not forsaken us. Spring is on its way and with it green grass and fresh vegetables.

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