Sunday, February 03, 2008

2008 Garden: All the Seeds have Arrived

The last of the seeds we ordered finally arrived from Terra Edibles. I did make a little mistake when I ordered. I let PeterC have the final say in what varieties we purchased and let him place the online order. Not only did he order every variety that I marked as interesting, he added three different melons and several string beans to the list.

I now have enough seeds to plant our garden ten times over, but that makes the planning a little more important and fun. I have to sort out which ones I want to grow this year and plan a location based on the plants preferred climate and their growing habits. Pole beans require a lot more preparation than bush beans. Melons require a lot more space than anything else we grow in the garden.

We've removed a few more trees along the west side of the property so we should have a little more sun through the afternoon and thinner shade in late afternoon. While it gives us more options for our standard seed selection it will definitely have an effect on the more exotic varieties we purchased this year. In the end I may have to plant some of the full sun, high heat varieties in the flower boxes and place them on the road side of the hedge.

Visions of beans and melons are already dancing in my head. I can't wait to see how our garden grows this year. My mind is already planning canning sessions for this fall even though the snow is still firmly sticking to the ground. I need to slow down and worry about the garden first, growing next, and canning only after the harvest begins.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun Dee. Chantal and I are busy planting all kinds of flowers and a few vegetables for her science fair project. We've already been to the store twice today.

Happy planting,