Monday, December 17, 2007

Snowed In

Some of you may notice that this week's post is a day late. That is because we're as close to being snowed in as we ever have been here at Sparrow Haven, and our Internet connection was down most of the day yesterday.

Between Saturday evening and early this morning we had close to 20 inches of snow fall with winds gusting up to 65 km/hr. The walkway had a 3 foot snow drift covering it, until this morning when I shovelled it out to the front porch. Now it is clear, windy, and quite cold outside so I think the rest of the shovelling will have to wait until this afternoon.

In the meantime, here is a drawing I did for a coworker as a house warming card. Enjoy.
Micron Pen on Archival Card Stock.
4" x 5"


Hobo Divine said...

What a wonderful drawing!
By chance do you know where you can get Rapidograf ink (or Transmix Media Brilliant Ink) in Canada.
I've been searching online but can't find any.

I the ink in Ultramarine for my film :(

Dee said...

Sorry, I don't know where to find either of those inks. The closest supply store we have here is Michael's Crafts,150km away. Not exactly the greatest place to buy supplies but they do carry pens for colouring photos but I'm not sure of the brand.

Good Luck with your search.