Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Power Outage

We had our first big power outage of the winter last night. While cooking supper the power went out for several hours. We don't know what caused the outage though we suspect that it was scheduled maintenance since less than one minute after the power failure the power company knew exactly how many people were without power, and how long they would be without power.

We had our wood stove so we were nice and warm. We had our cast iron cookware so we finished cooking supper on the wood stove, switching over almost by instinct to continue baking our food. We had our oil lamps so we had plenty of light. And, to deal with the initial disorientation of a dark house we had our trusty dynamo shake flashlights, that let us find the oil lamps and matches with no trouble at all.

In fact, with very little effort, we switched from relying on the electric for food and warmth to enjoying a quiet evening in the dark with just our simple implements and ourselves for entertainment. It was peaceful with all the street lights out and the constant hum of electronic equipment missing. Perhaps missing is not the word I should use, as we didn't miss the noise or the equipment at all.

I was disappointed when the power came back on and all the noises we are subjected to in this day and age returned. There is something to be said for the simpler times when computers and telephones did not exist. Yes, it was hard to provide for your family and took working sun up to sun down, but there is a peace that comes over me when the electricity is out. Last night it was not by our choice, but perhaps in the future we will make the choice to live our lives without the constant hum, buzz, whirr, and ring of the modern world.

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Anonymous said...

We didn't get a power outage here, but I do know the peacefulness you're refering to.

Unfortunately in town when we lose power the gentle hum of "stuff" is replaced by the loud growl of generators.

We try to make a point once a year to go "up north" to the cabin with nothing but trees and a lake. No electric, water, people anywhere around. Unlike you, though, I am not ready to live there as a permanent home.

See you soon,