Sunday, December 02, 2007

Blowing up a Storm

It's been cold and windy this weekend. For the last several hours the wind has been blowing in from the South East bringing with it spits and sputters of snow and sleet. Several sources are saying that this storm has wrecked havoc with the power grid in NE, USA. These are unconfirmed sources but I have no reason to doubt their truth. Throw another Cat on the bed Mabel, it's going to be a cold one tonight.

On the upside, our Sno-Gems seem to be working like a charm. Earlier this week it warmed up enough to let the snow and ice from last weeks weather slide off the roof. It made a racket as it let go and tumbled for the front walk. The next morning I took a look and found snow and ice on either side of the steps, but the steps themselves free and clear. The snow and ice was captured and held firmly by the sno-gems, allowing it to melt slowly and drip into the gutter.

I've been baking bread for the last two days. I finally decided it was time to use up as much of the extra sourdough starter as I could stand. Yesterday, I made two beautiful loaves of plain bread. Today, I was a bit more adventurous and I now have five loaves of bread rising in the loaf pans. The disadvantage to sourdough bread is that it takes longer to rise than yeast bread. It'll get frozen and eaten over the next few weeks while I build up my sourdough starter again.

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