Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fall Chores

This weekend has turned out to be fall chore weekend. Actually, it seems like every weekend from the beginning of October until the snow falls is chore weekend. No matter how much time we spend working around the house, there always seems to be more work than time.

There are some chores you forget about, or put off until you get that first negative temperature morning which reminds you that winter is on its way. When you live in an old, and not so insulated house you have to take extra care to preserve your heat in the winter. Not only do we need to stay warm but we need to keep the heating bill down to a minimum. So, this morning we started covering the windows with plastic, after we washed them inside and out. We ran out of plastic before we ran out of windows but we have a decent start and can finish them over the coming week.

The freeze last night also reminded us that we had two rain barrels full of water. If you don't want to replace your barrels every year you have to drain them before the hard freezes start hitting. Along with the rain barrel we drained the hoses and the water pump, and the garden fountain that the chickadees love so much in the summer.

The last chore of the day was putting up the car shelter. Our garage has turned into a garden shed and last year the truck spent the winter in the driveway. The snow and ice weren't terrible but occasionally I wished we could park in the garage. This year we saved our money and bought the car shelter so the truck won't be covered with ice, snow, or frost every morning. We slightly underestimated the length of the truck but for now this will do well enough.

Unfortunately, building the shelter took the rest of the day and we have only just come back inside. The temperature was low enough out that we are both chilled to the bone and weary from working in the cold. Tonight will be a night for hot showers and wrapping up in lap blankets until the tenseness in the muscles release and we can finally go to our warm beds and sleep the night away, to wake up and start the next chore on the list.

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