Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cathedral Spoon

Title: Cathedral Spoon
Wood Species: Birch
Starting Size: 6" x 1"
Technique: Standard Carving using a knife
Finishing: NaturOil

I started this spoon some months ago and finally decided to finish it up and post some pictures. It was carved from a piece of hardwood purchased from Home Depot. I'm almost positive it was Birch. I guess I need to start keeping a diary of what I carve and what it is carved from, especially since I tend to start something and finish it months later.

This wood is far harder than anything else I have carved to date and I found it quite difficult to work with. The outline work was fairly easy, as long as the knife was very sharp. The bowl and heart required a lot of work, concentration, and constant sharpening and honing of my knife blade. I love the look of the finished piece and have already started a more complicated spoon in the same wood.


Anonymous said...

Wow, very nice Dee. You really did a super job on this spoon. Carved spoons are my favorite type of carving. Don't forget to bring it in when you come back to work. We miss you. Take care.


Janet said...

I love your cathedral spoon. You did a very good carving.