Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Perfect Fall Weekend

This has been the perfect fall weekend, here at Sparrow Haven. The temperature was neither to hot, nor to cold. The skies were clear and a nice breeze was blowing. The trees have all changed colour, seemingly overnight and the wind has been blowing clouds of orange, yellow, and red all over the yard today.

The sparrows took advantage of the weather and took turns bathing in the bird bath. A half dozen at a time flying in to flutter and sputter in the water, only to be replaced by a different half dozen a few minutes later. They exhibited such unfettered joy that we couldn't help but laugh at their antics. They seemed unconcerned with our peeping and only ended the bathing when the neighbours cat came to see what all the fuss was about.

We did a majority of the fall yard and garage cleanup today. Yard items were stored away for the winter, with a few exceptions that will need to be stored later this month. The garage was cleaned and organized to make room for the lawn chairs and BBQ. We threw out some items we had been holding onto "just in case", and were happy when one or two of them found new homes almost immediately.

We even found time to plant some bulbs we ordered through the mail and received a couple of weeks ago. Miniature Daffodils, Glory of the Snow, Snow Crocus, and Narcisis blooms will dot the yard and bring some much needed relief to the spring blues. The crocus will be especially pretty when they bloom very early in the new year, while the snow is still covering the ground. The miniature daffodils and the Glory of the Snow will only bloom later in the Spring, adding patches of yellow and blue to the brown winter killed grass.

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Janet said...

Hi Dee,

The birds really seem to be enjoying the bird bath. I had a good laugh just looking at the pictures.