Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Night Has Been Made

It turned out to be a fairly warm night,compared to previous years so we have the front door open so we can here the kids coming up the steps before they get to the motion detecting screeching cat. It is lots of fun to hear the kids scream and giggle, especially when one or more of the group get startled when the cat screams.

Well, while waiting for the next set of visitors we hear a voice coming from across the street "I love that house, I love that house." A few minutes later we here thud, thud as a 10yr old boy bounces - obviously way to much candy already- up the steps laughing like a nut. When PeterC answers the doorbell the kid screeches "I remember you guys from last year. I love this house. I love this house." Meanwhile the older brother is looking totally unimpressed and somewhat embarrassed at the whole situation.

I love Halloween!

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