Saturday, September 22, 2007

Peace of Mind

It has been a long week this week, but finally it is over. I work outside the home, and Sparrow Haven is as much my haven from the rest of the world as it is for the feathered and furred. I like coming home after work and seeing the birds line up at the feeders waiting their turn, or more often than not cutting line and squabbling. This is especially true during the twice yearly migration.

The migration brings with it a sense of relief. The fall migration is the end of the summer heat wave. It heralds the slow down in the outside chores. All the canning is done, or nearly done. The firewood has been purchased and stacked. The promise of quiet evenings in front of the fire hangs in the air and with that is the hope that I find peace of mind from the troubles outside of Sparrow Haven.

Here's to the Heralds of Winter.

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