Sunday, September 30, 2007

Odds and Ends

Friday, after work, we stopped at Farm Boy grocers in town. We don't shop there often as we have had problems with some of their meat going bad overnight. Since we were looking for produce we thought we would give them a go. One of the best things about Farm Boy is the produce department is half the size of the entire store. You can get produce there that can not be found at any other grocers. They also carry several variety of peppers rather than just giving us the choice of Jalapeños or Green Bell. On average they carry eight variety of hot pepper and at least four types of sweet peppers including Green Bells.

So Friday, we picked up several types of produce including some bulk carrots, 10lb for $2.00, and Cubanelle Peppers, 8 peppers for $3.00. We peeled and chopped all the carrots and three of the cubanelle peppers to be dehydrated for soups this winter. The carrots tasted so good I was tempted to go back and get another bag but have restrained myself so far. The peppers dried up nicely and will make a nice addition to soups and sauces this winter. The remaining peppers will be eaten in our meals this week.

It's a very dreary day here today. The temperature is hovering around 8ºC right now. Yesterday wasn't much better with the high only hitting 18ºC at around 3:00pm. The sky is overcast and what little wind there is cold. Neither of us feel like being outside today so we will spend the day vacuuming and washing the last load of laundry. Perhaps I'll bake a pumpkin custard from the pie pumpkin I bought on Friday. That will warm the house and us nicely.

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