Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Not so Welcome Guest

Normally, I am pretty laid back about the wilder side of nature coming for a visit inside the house. As long as they don't destroy anything in the process. However, I draw the line at certain multi-legged beasties, namely spiders. I don't suffer from the screaming heebie jeebies when a spider comes a calling but I do firmly insist they leave by the same door they came in.

Living at Sparrow Haven we are blessed, if that word applies here, to have many variety of spiders who understand that they live outdoors. Well, with the exception of the common House Spider who likes to hide in my cupboards and who gets vacuumed up as soon as they are discovered. All the dishes in the cupboard gets washed, too, just in case of spider cooties and the remains of their dinners.

Occasionally, though, we will get a visitor who doesn't understand the rules of the house. He, or more likely she, will come traipsing through with the intention of making this their own private dwelling. Out will come the paper cup or whatever PeterC has handy and outside they will go.

Yesterday, we had a new spider visit. He, or she, had started slinging webs between the handles of my kitchen knives as they sat in their block. PeterC was quicker to spot the invader than I was and decided some pictures would be nice. After the picture taking session was over I firmly insisted that the spider move on.

This is a new one on us. We've never seen a spider marked like this before. We spent a good deal of time trying to find a good online identification guide but to no avail. So, if any of you are arachnophiles and can ID this species please leave a comment. We'd greatly appreciate it.

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Janet said...


Jim suggested that you should try the university someone there might know the identity of this visitor. It has some mighty nice coloring. If you find out what kind of spider it is please let us know.
How is your garden coming along? How did the potatoes do?