Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heart Pendant - Carving

Title: Heart with a Tagua Nut inset.
Wood Species:
Starting Size: 1.5 x 1.0 x 3/4 " block
Technique: Knife to shape wood and the Tagua Nut
Finishing: Water based stain two heavy coats of Urethane.

I created this pendant as a gift for PeterC. It was originally supposed to be a birthday present but time got away from me. Instead it was presented to him in the early part of September, when the mounting was finally installed.


Al Basham said...

I am a woodturner and do some leaf carving on my turnings. My grandaughter has asked me to carve a wooden heart pendant. I have the pattern and I'm not sure how to begin. Could you help with a few simple instructions?
Thanks .... Al Basham

Dee said...

HI Al. I kind of winged this carving when I did it but I'll try to give you a basic idea of what I did. This pendant is solid with no hinges so that will changes things, too.

I took a 2 x 2 x1 inch piece of basswood and carved out the heart shape with a knife. I used several grades of sandpaper to sand it smooth then I used a micro palm gouge to carve out the inset area.I used several layers of walnut stain and finished it with polyurethane before adding the inset.

The tagua nut was more difficult as it was the first time I ever tried to work with it and it is VERY hard. I used a scroll saw to cut a thin slice off the nut and used a dremel to get the basic heart shape. I couldn't use my knife to shape the nut inset at all. I used sandpaper starting at 220 grit to give it the final shape and thickness, glued it into the wood, and used 1000 grit wet dry paper to polish it. If I do it again I'll use several grits in between as it has some micro scratches that can be seen in the right light.

I took a pin and bent it into a small eye and inserted it into the wood between the humps. I used super glue to fix it in place but it has pulled out several times. I'm not sure how to fix it permanently yet.

You can get a lot of advice and suggestions for carvings at
Several people there do small carvings and are really helpful.

Hope that helps at all.