Friday, August 10, 2007

Williamstown Fair

Every county and quite a few cities have fairs every year. Booths full of food, displays of local singing talent, and of course games and rides line the avenues of fairs all over Canada every year in the summer months. County fairs are known for their animal shows and agricultural links, and for bringing families of the community together for some good natured competition.

Williamstown Fair in not the exception, except in one way. Williamstown Fair is the longest running Country Fair in Canada. The Williamstown Fair has officially been running for the last 196 years, debuting in 1812 when agriculture was at its heyday. It was a time when communities and families were spread far and wide and the fair brought them together for 3 days just before the major harvest push began.

This year we made it out to the fair on the first day. The midway was going strong and there were a few crafts booths setup along the entrance we used. The Mini-Donut wagon was busy as was the hotdog stand. The Exhibit Hall displayed the results of the judging of everything from woodcrafts to sewing; from growing to preserving. Horses performed with their riders in the centre pasture and the Cattle Barns were full of the county's best offers of the year.

While I viewed the show chickens and timidly approached a Llama in the petting zoo, PeterC spent most of his time watching the blacksmith ply her trade in the crafts tents. He has, over the last few years, developed an interest, both historically and practically, in blacksmithing. The visit to the fair gave him to opportunity to view a working blacksmith and ask all those questions he hadn't been able to answer through his study and research.

All in all it was a pleasant afternoon and worth the meagre entrance fee of $7.00 per person. Who knows, maybe next year I'll even enter some of my garden efforts to be judged against the best in the county. If nothing else participation in the community will make it worth the time and effort to try.


Janet said...

I am glad to hear that you had a good time at the fair. Also interested to hear that Peter has an interest in blacksmithing. Has he do anything around the house yet. I'm sure your vegetables will show up well against any at the fair, good luck.


Dee said...

Right now he is still searching auctions for all the correct tools; an anvil, a few hand tools, and the hardest to find, the forge itself.

His first project will be simple metal hooks that can be used to hang pots and pans in the kitchen.