Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A little Pick-Me-Up for the Kitchen

We have a kitchen that has seen many renovations over the years. Some of these renovations have been terrible, while others were great for their day but old and dated now. The countertop is old, warped, and in some places chipped. The cabinets themselves are a mix of 1970's wood and DIY nightmare from sometime prior to us purchasing the house.

I want to renovate the kitchen but finances and other priorities have prevented me from getting started. Those priorities do not prevent me from spend a few minutes and some cash to dress up the kitchen a bit. This past weekend was one of those days where everything just seemed to work out perfectly to do just that.

We went to Home Depot for from stain for another project and found a great deal on. There are these little 4 x4 acrylic stickers to go onto tiles to change the colour or to add some flash to dull white tiles. Normally these stickers run $3 or #4 a piece. This weekend they were $1. They also carry packs eight stickers that create a scene. While some of them are very pretty I'm not going to spend $40 a set. I will spend $10 on a set. So I picked up a nice looking country kitchen rooster, that just happens to match my kitchen clock.

The new look definitely perks the look of the kitchen up. We will still be renovating sometime in the future but for now the kitchen has a new look. If nothing else the brightness of the decorative stickers draws the eyes away from the cabinets and countertop.


Anonymous said...

Looks good.

It's amazing the difference you can make with a few bucks here and there, isn't it?


Dee said...

As you say e, it is amazing. Sometimes you just have to do something small to chnage things until you can spend the bigbucks to do the full monty.

Janet said...

Your improvement in the kitchen looks real good, it makes a big difference with the color. Happy Canada Day to both of you. Janet

Anonymous said...

With all the home shows on TV its hard to deside that to do ,they all seem to make you believe you have to do something and it will cost. They try to make 'normal' homes look bad but sometiems the after is worse. I like yours,a little spash of something new to make it a place to call home and feel good. I could use then for my bathroom, I might go look for bathroom ones. Thanks