Monday, June 25, 2007

Garden Journal: June 17 -24, 2007

The garden is crusing along quite nicely. Right now we are in the maintenance stages between planting and harvesting. We pull a few weeds, water, and pick the occasional ripe produce. Our biggest concern right now is the number of earwigs, squash beetles, and other noxious pests we have in the garden. This is the time of year where we spend more time in pest control than in enjoying the fruits of our labour.

I have read that an effective earwig trap can be made using a tin can. You bury the tine can so that only the very top edge of the lip is above the ground. Put a small amount of water, about a quarter inch, in the can and sit back. Apparently, the earwigs are moisture seekers and will fall into the can trying to get to the water. In the process they get trapped in there. When there are more bugs and water you throw the can away and put another in its place. I guess it is time to test the earwig trap.

Other than mainenance on the garden, there is maintenance on the yard and this is the time of year we get all those other warm weather projects started. PeterC primed the cedar siding we installed a few weeks ago. It will dry until next weekend and as long as it isn't raining he'll get the painting done. After that he pulled out the mower, hedge trimmers, and spin trimmer. The yard always looks so nice the day after he finishes mowing and such.

While he was working on the yard, I was busy with my own projects. I now have three window braces in varying stages of complettion, waiting only for the stains and polyurethanes to dry. I also started the next stage in finishing the dining room table and chairs we bought last year.

The wooden table top and chairs were oiled over the winter using Tung oil. Yesterday, I applied the first coat of Oak stain. I'm using a stain that has polyurethane in it to make a nice durable finish that will hold up to years of abuse. I plan to put a total of three coats of stain on the wood and to finish it up with a clear coat of rub on polyurethane and finally a good old fashioned hand buffing.

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