Saturday, June 02, 2007


I was dreaming happily of future projects and plans only to be awakened by the Mother of All thunderstorms at 12:45 "oh my god, I've only been asleep for 2 hours!" am. I lay in bed watching the flashes and listening to the thunder, counting between the two so I would know when the centre of the storm was over us. The rain was pounding on the roof so hard I couldn't hear the fan in our room and the flashes were bright enough to blind a person even through a blind and closed eyelids.

I'm almost afraid to look at the garden tomorrow morning. A rain this hard could easily flatten my new sprouted plants, or worse bury them in mud. I'm really wishing I had not been getting off work so late this week, and had actually managed to get the mulch laid in the garden. Oh well, many a garden as weathered storms in the past and I'm sure mine will too. I'll get up tomorrow morning and salvage anything I can.

It's now 3am and I am still awake. I spent several hours looking at my favourite websites and even a few minutes making this post but no luck yet. Maybe I'll just go lay down and see if my body is more tired than my brain.

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