Friday, May 11, 2007

Garden Journal: May 6 - 10, 2007

We both work full time so during the week, and occasionally on the weekends, it is really difficult to come home and do chores no matter how badly they need to be done. Yesterday was different. We both got off at a reasonable hour, were home by 5:30pm, and it was a reasonable temperature outside so out came the seeds.

We managed to get all our herbs planted in various beds, as filler for less full flower beds mostly. We also got 10 tomato plants planted into their garden as well as carrots seeded in between. I mulched around the plants which is something I have never done before so I'll see how it works. I still need to plant marigolds around the edges of the raised bed and around the carrots in the centre. Editted to add the photo of the finished bed.

While I was doing the garden bed, Peter was putting 4 of the smaller but healthy plants into the Topsy Turvey plant pots. We got them cheap and I wanted to try them. They are hung on the front porch where they will get a lot of sun but we'll have to control the water. A small rectangular planter also got 3 plants before we ran out of soil.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Canadian Tire and buy a few more bags of garden soil so this weekend we can fill our other containers and get them planted. Any extra soil will be used to top up the third and final raised bed so we can plant more carrots, marigolds, and beets.

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