Monday, May 14, 2007

Garden Journal: May 11 & 12, 2007

Well, I went a little nuts at Canadian Tire this weekend. We went in to get soil but they had a large selection of herbs, many I had never seen seeds for. Needless to say I had to have a sample of each kind, and more than just a sample in some cases. We did remember to buy the soil we needed to fill all the containers and top off the garden bed.

We ended up with tomatoes in the third bed, now shared with the raspberries, as well as in various containers throughout the yard. The tomatoes we planted in the Topsy Turvy system seem to be doing well. They are already turning up toward the sun. I'll be delighted if all my plants do really well this year.

PeterC cut a plastic drum in half to plant potatoes. It is the first time planting potatoes so we are eager to see how it works out. If the potatoes are a bust I can always turn the barrel halves into more gardening space next year.

In the background you can see the peas are doing well, the second bed, and the new compost bin. We turned the soil in the second bed and finally got the carrots, beets, and five more tomatoes planted. I also picked up three Firecracker Peppers while at CT and planted them in the front of the bed.

The herbs were planted together as best we could, matching soil preferences. I ended up with one box as mostly Basil and the other as a mix of other common herbs. My favourite find at the nursery was Curry. I've seen recipes call for curry leaves but have never seen the plant. I find it to be very attractive and I love the smell fresh curry gives off.

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