Saturday, May 05, 2007

Garden Journal: April 30 - May 5, 2007

The temperatures have been cooler than anticipated this week. The nursery greenhouse was able to keep the interior temperature high enough for the tomatoes. We took one of the warmer fluorescent lights from the sprouting greenhouse and hung it from the frame of the outdoor greenhouse. The weaker tomatoes have all died but the larger more robust tomato plants have only suffered a little damage to their foliage. All in all I expect to 3/4 of my plants to survive.

The squash, on the other hand, did not fair so well. All 5 plants have died. They were moved out to the nursery bed at the same time as the tomatoes, but they were weak and not very well suited to the cooler evenings. I will be replanting them tomorrow. I'll just drop another seed into the pot right next to the dead, or dieing plant. They will sprout outside and will hopefully be much healthier for the strong sunlight in the day and warm fluorescent light at night.

The bush peas have not only sprouted, they are almost 2 inches high now. Two rows of spinach sprouted but only one of them remains. I don't know of a squirrel got over the fence and ate them, an insect got them, or if some weird frosting pattern killed the one row and not the other. So far none of the Lincoln Homesteader peas have sprouted. I suspect they did not survive the repeated squirrel diggings.

We've put any further planting off for another couple of weeks. It doesn't hurt to stagger plantings so you get a reasonable amount of harvest throughout the summer and fall, rather than a glut early or late. We still have to plant the carrots, rest of the beets, another variety of peas, and replant the squash. The weather reports look good for a Mother's Day planting.

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