Thursday, April 05, 2007

Studio Renovations: Phase 3

PeterC and I are both sore and very tired today but phase three on the studio is now complete. Back in January we had decided we were going to renovate the spare bedroom, which I use as a studio, in several phases. We even decided on and purchased the wood look vinyl flooring in hopes of getting it installed at the next available long weekend.

That turned out to be this weekend. We took two days of annual vacation off this week in the hopes of getting into the garden. Since the flooring was waiting and Mother Nature was not co-operating for gardening, we figured now as as good a time as any. We planned to take it slow and easy, getting things done well if not fast. As usual plans were changed due to reality.

We woke early yesterday and while PeterC was taking the dogs for their morning walk, I began removing furniture from the room. When PeterC returned from his walk, he helped me move the larger items out.

We planned to remove the industrial vinyl tiles the previous owners had installed, but found that it was nearly impossible. They must have used a huge amount of glue as a good potion of it was still wet under the tiles we did manage to remove. We even attempted to pull up the plywood that the tiles were glued to but that also proved to be beyond our ability. In the end we decided to leave the tiles and plywood alone and lay our floor on top.

We pulled up all the old quarter round that was used as a baseboard and lay down a thin foam underlay to provide cushion for the new floor and to hopefully hide some of the unevenness of the underlying flooring. Once the foam was in place we began laying the flooring itself. PeterC was in charge of placement while I cut the vinyl strips to length, and notched as required to get around door frames and other protrusions.

We finished laying the floor at 4pm and decided to take a meal break. We also decided that, since this portion of the job had taken far less time than we originally had planned for, we had plenty of time to lay quarter round and a threshold, neither of which we had purchased yet. So in to town we went, blissfully unaware of the hours of frustration that lay ahead of us.

We arrived at Home Depot at 5:05pm and headed to the flooring department. There we were presented with several options of thresholds and quarter round colours. Unfortunately, not a single one of them matched the hickory colour of the floor. We compared and debated until we finally decided on Brazilian Oak, which was dark brown but more grey than red. Luckily they carried the same colour in quarter round. We purchased the needed implements of torture - nails, nail set, and screws for the threshold - and headed home. We walked in the front door at 6:45pm.

Four hours later, and at least three rebellions of brains and materials, we were finally putting the last piece of quarter round down. We had suffered from chips, breaks, nails that didn't find purchase, and after so many hours the inability of PeterC or I either one to figure out which direction we had to cut to mate our corners correctly. Thankfully, we did purchase extra of everything.

But it was finally over and we were very happy with the results. The floor looks great and is quite comfortable to walk on. Everything was moved back into the room last night and we officially called the project done at 11:00pm.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Congratulations on your new reno. It looks great! I hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend in your studio.

PS Please say "Thank You" to the Easter bunny. I was pleasantly surprised this morning and I want to let you know that I still have not given in to the temptation.

Have a nice Easter!! Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

glad to hear that things eventually turned out for you. The pictures look good!
We have been looking at that material for a while now to do a few rooms in our house. I'll wait and see how yours turns out before I commit :)

Enjoy the floor!


Dee said...

Thanks for looking e and L.

-e -The flooring is quite easy to work with. Far easier than I was expecting. The overlapping areas are coated with contact cement and stick to each other very well. It can be repositioned if you make a mistake but getting it perfect the first time is the best options. It is a little more cushiony than I thought it would be so next time I think we will forego the foam underlay.

L - We still have to install the door so enjoying the studio is kind of hard right this instant. The cats keep trying to help me with my projects. The floor is water proof, but I'm pretty sure it isn't paint proof. BTW, the Easter Bunny says you're welcome.