Sunday, April 29, 2007

Garden Journal: April 29, 2007

It was another wet day today so we spent the early part of the day inside. Around 3:00pm the sun came out as the rain clouds began to break up. By 3:30pm it was so clear and warm outside that you would never believe that it was raining and cool only an hour earlier. We finished what we had started indoors and headed outdoors to get some of the garden chores done.

First thing on my list was to break up the 12 x 4 raised bed. We planned on putting a greenhouse up over that bed to create a nursery greenhouse for the tomato and squash plants. The soil turned out to be very rich and dark from the compost we added last year, but the soil was well below the level of the side boards. So the plan was to add a few bags of soil to increase the planting depth for plants that need deeper soil.

As luck would have it, the raspberries we planted in that bed last year decided they liked it there and had sent runners all over the bed. I turned the soil as best I could without destroying all the new plants. A few I broke from the parent root and planted elsewhere in the bed. We'll be placing a divider in the bed sometime soon to give the raspberries a 4 x 4 area to grow in while keeping at least part of the bed ready for vegetables.

Rather than putting another greenhouse up, PeterC suggested we move the greenhouse from the pea and spinach bed over to the larger bed. We set the greenhouse up over the larger bed and used a couple of boards to make sure the greenhouse was sitting on top of the bed rather than around it, as it had been with the first raised bed.

Quite a few maple seeds had sprouted in the first bed so we removed them and found that the peas and spinach were finally starting to come up. Little tiny green shoots all growing in a row. Anything outside the rows were weeded out. In a few more days we should begin to see proper pea and spinach plants rather than unidentifiable green shoots. We'll have to watch the weather closely for the next few weeks as we can still get an overnight frost which will kill off the new seedlings.

We brought all but three pots of tomatoes outside to be placed into the nursery greenhouse. The three we left inside were still quite small, only a couple inches high, where as the other were 6-8 inches high. We also placed the squash under the greenhouse. They weren't faring very well inside and we hope the natural sunlight will jump start their growth.

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