Monday, April 23, 2007

Garden Journal: April 23, 2007

We got home late today due to working later than normal and having a doctor's appointment. I spent a few minutes checking the beds and repairing the squirrel damage. They love to dig in loose soil which means both the garden and the flower beds make perfect targets. I had to replant the beets and half a row of peas. We also did a little clean up on the yard.

The tomato plants inside are doing great. Most are over 3 inches tall now with at least three sets of leaves. I watered them well and rearranged them under the grow lights. Hopefully, the new arrangement will be more effective in providing the lighting they need. We're discussing setting up the second greenhouse and moving the trays of tomatoes outside. They'll be plenty warm enough under the greenhouse and they will be getting natural sunlight.

I read a book, I picked up Sunday, on growing vegetables. It discussed snipping the tops off tomatoes when they get tall enough. I think maybe ours are just about ready. It also gave me some ideas for keeping the squirrels and birds out of the garden. They use chicken fencing to create a row cover for each row of plants. I think we can modify this idea and create a row over the whole bed. Then, if we do get another frost or snow forcast we can just cover the wire mesh with plastic.

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