Sunday, April 22, 2007

Garden Journal: April 22, 2007

Today, we cleaned out the four flower beds at the front of the yard. Many of the bulbs are coming up nicely, but winter took her toll. There are many bare spots in amongst the plants. We bought some bulbs at Canadian Tire and planted them in such a way as to fill in the empty places. A couple of the empty places weren't empty at all, instead the plants were just sending up shoots which hadn't broken the surface yet

While I was planting bulbs, PeterC hammered the edging back into place where frost heave had pushed it up. He also repaired the BBQ grill and set up our rain barrels under the downspouts. This summer the water from those barrels will be used to keep the garden and flower beds watered. Just one more way we can try to extend our resources as much as possible.

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