Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Busy Hands - Evenings and Rainy Days

I like to keep busy, especially when I am sitting in front of the television at night. I've never been much for just sitting and "vegging". I've tried various crafts but this winter I took up carving and have completed two decorative projects that I feel are worth sharing.

These are photos of both sides of two different window braces we use around the house. They are functional items but I found the plain yellow pine needed something decorative. I chose to do some outline and chip carving to spruce them up a bit.

Bedroom Window Brace

Livingroom Window Brace

I find the oak leaves to be much more dramatic and very lovely when the sun is shining in the window, but there is something peaceful and graceful about the horses on the bedroom brace.

As my skill in chip carving increases I plan to try some of the more difficult patterns, repetitive geometric shapes and rosettes. I'll show them off if they turn out nice enough to share.

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