Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring Fever

I definitely got spring fever this weekend. We decided we're planting a lot less than last year so I only started one tray of seeds this weekend. 20 determinate tomatoes(I think that means bush type) and 5 Butternut squash.

Organized all my seeds and found out I don't have to buy any seeds this year, though it is really hard not to pick up a pack or two every time I go to Canadian Tire. We decided we'll be planting tomatoes, carrots, beets, onions, and 3 variety of peas after seeing what we had on hand already. Still debating on whether to plant hot peppers again this year or not. Last summer was to cool and damp so I'm kinda skittish of planting them this year.

I couldn't stay out of the dirt so I loosened the thawed earth in the garden. Only 3 inches of thawed soil so far. The rest is hard as, well a block of ice. Pulled a few weeds anyways, and found a row of onions that survived the winter. We're hoping they will revive and grow into nice big yellows.

We created a mini coldframe using a small "greenhouse" that we picked up at CT last year before they closed the garden centre. It covers slightly over half of one of the raised beds and I'm hoping it'll warm the soil faster so I can get my peas started sooner; mid-may instead of mid-June.

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