Friday, March 30, 2007

The Robins Have Arrived

Spring is officially here to stay. The Robins have returned from their winter feeding grounds and are fighting over territory, mates, and bugs in the back yard. Yep, it is finally Spring. Time to start planting seeds in the starter pots.

Each person has their own harbinger of Spring and for us, and many people in North America, that herald is the Robin. Each year around March 21st, they return from the southern feeding grounds to lay claim to new mates, hunt for worms, and strut their stuff around the slowly greening yards.

This year Sparrow Haven is home to four pair of Robins, or perhaps four male Robins all trying to impress the same lady. They have taken over the back yard and are loudly proclaiming their intent to nest. Being territorial birds they are also squabbling fiercely over the more choice nesting sites.

Along with the Robins, the other migrants are beginning to return. Starlings are the most common right now though the Red-Winged Blackbirds cannot be far behind. The Grackles will be here within the month, emptying my bird feeders almost as fast as I fill them. The Goldfinches and Redpolls will be needing their niger seed feeders filled soon enough too.

Our year round residents are beginning their Spring mating routines. Flashes of red and quick tweet, tweet, tweet from the Cardinals. The cheeky Chickadees are chasing the Sparrows through the hedge. For their part, the Sparrows have begun building their nests under the tin roof of the house. Their little squrit, squrit sounds as they move around under the tin driving the cats to distraction in the early morning hours.

Yes, Spring has finally Sprung and with it the promise of Summer gardens and Fall harvests as well.

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