Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Hint of Spring

Yesterday we were chased home from work by a nasty winter storm. The highways were covered in slush, truckers moving slowing east or west like a starving herd of elephants. At the end of the day, or the storm anyway, there was another eight inches of ice and heavy wet snow on the ground.

Today it couldn't be any more different. We woke to clear blue skies that quickly turned heavy and grey with snow. The snow fell hard and thick for a couple of hours but then, just as quickly as it arrived, it left again. Behind it came scattered clouds like those you see on a summer horizon. Clouds that promise rain but move north or south just when you need it the most.

The Sun was warm and the air smelled fresh and moist. It is the smell of Spring. But, it was only a teasing hint that we are on the downhill slide from winter's grip but not out of the woods yet. While the Sun was warm, the wind that followed this mornings snow storm was brisk; promising more cold days and nights ahead before the robins return and the crocuses poke their timid heads above the thinning layer of snow that has insulated them all winter.

Today's sweet kiss was just a reminder that the Covenant of Spring has been kept. The Sun will grow stronger and warm. The animals and plants will begin their cycles of birth and rebirth once more. Since the dawn of man there is some part of us that fears that someday The Covenant will be broken, but that fear will not be realized this year. This year, Spring will come forth and the Seasons will march ever onward.

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