Saturday, January 06, 2007

Today is Not a Good Day to...

Today has definitely not been one of those beautiful, bucolic days one dreams about. It has been wet and warm, especially for the middle of January. Despite the weather I was determined when I got up this morning to try to have a good day and get something accomplished.

Instead we spent the entire day trying to assemble the new bed frame we bought only to find out that Sears screwed up and ordered a single ended bed frame which means the foot board could not be mounted. On top of that, the sales person didn't know that the low profile frame doesn't work on any of the foot boards and headboards sold by Sears.

We have a gabled roof and the bedrooms are under the gables, making for a rather low ceiling in half the room. The only half that a bed can be placed to keep from blocking the doorway. We were told, and believed, that a low profile bed frame would give us more head room. We were sold. I mean who wouldn't want to be able to sit up in bed without knocking themselves silly on the ceiling? Problem is the low profile frame headboard holes do not line up with the headboard holes.

So we called Sears and spoke with the sales person. Turns out this has happened to three other people this week and "No problem. Just bring it in and we'll order you a new one." So we packaged it back up and travelled into town to return it only to find out that we bought it during a GST promotion that was no longer running. The replacement frame, that they made the mistake on, cost us more money. Well, it would have if PeterC hadn't stepped up to the plate and made it clear this was their problem not ours. Oh yeah, and it'll take a week to get here. Sigh!

In the end, we put our bed back together with the old frame. The foot board and headboard are sitting in the living room waiting for the proper frame to get here. The only positive that came from all the hassle with the bed was we were able to catch the dust bunnies unawares and vacuumed a large colony from under the old bed. I guess you just got to look on the bright side of even the most grey day.

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