Sunday, January 28, 2007

Studio Renovations II

Slowly but surely we are holding to our plans to renovate the studio. We wanted hardwood floors but instead decided on a vinyl floor that looks like wood flooring. It also has the advantage of being waterproof which is a big deal in a place where paint and water has the potential to being splashed on the floor.

We have purchased the vinyl flooring but didn't have time to get it started this weekend. Hopefully it will be next weekend or the following at the latest. We have to strip the old industrial tiles off the floor, sand down the glue to make the surface fairly smooth, then lay down the foam sound barrier and finally the flooring itself.

My research has shown me that the flooring is usually the last thing to get installed during a renovation. This allows the flooring to be installed so that it floats next to the wall nit underneath it. It also keeps the flooring from being damaged by falling tools, supplies, and drops of paint. We are kind of going at this backwards since it is being done piece meal rather than all at once. One advantage to doing it backwards is we get the test the durability, flexibility, and staying power of the new floor before we use it in other rooms.

I plan to include photos of our progress along the way, and of any surprise findings. Until then, as requested by L., here are a couple of photos of the room as it is right now. The layout is quite nice and I find it very easy to spend two or three hours in here doing scrap booking, drawing, and as of this weekend beading.


Anonymous said...

How I love reading your blogs and I especially enjoy all the pictures that you add. C. noticed the rock collection still on the wall. LOL


Dee said...

I've been collecting rocks and stones since I was a kid. I can't imagine not having stones around me, either inside or out.