Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Peanut Hoarding

Some of you may remember one of my very early posts about Little Red. For those who don't know her, she is a little red squirrel who has conquered our yard and at least half the neighbourhood. Red squirrels are voracious eaters and will hoard tons of food in preparation for the leaner winter months. Now, with the brief introduction I can continue the tale of the Peanut Hoard.

We've seen red jumping up on the tires of our pickup truck but never really considered she may have an ulterior motive except curiosity. Today, on our way home from work, the truck was acting a little odd. Running a bit rough. So we pull into the driveway and pop the hood to find what must have been 2 lbs of peanuts, chestnuts, and other assorted squirrel treats. She had used any surface that was flat and had a slightly raised lip to store her winter rations. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking clearly enough to get a photo of her fairly won, and sometimes ill gotten booty.

The truck is still running rough so we are assuming Red has pulled a wire loose or chewed on something she shouldn't have. We'll be taking it to the dealership this weekend to have them give it a good once over and remove anymore of the hoard they find.

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