Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year - 2007

This has been a busy week at Sparrow Haven, as evidenced by the unusual number of new posts in one week, and we decided to take a break for New Year's Eve. No food, no music, no visitors. We played a game together, washed laundry, saw the new year in, and finally sat up reading to all hours of the night.

But, as with any other time when I am not busy doing something with my hands, my mind was busy. I thought about this last year and reviewed the things that had been important to me and to Sparrow Haven. I thought about the year to come and tried to get a glimpse of what will be important in 2007.

Last year I had resolved to make as much of our bread from scratch as possible. I had also resolved to learn a few more skills required to be more self sufficient. And finally I had resolved to be more and better prepared should something happen that caused us to be unable to acquire food or other necessities by simply heading to the local grocers. For the first time, since I knew what a New Year's Resolution was, I made and kept my resolutions.

In those quiet hours last night I found that my resolutions were already made, but it took a while for them to filter to the surface of my busy mind. This year I will continue to make homemade bread, but I will add sausage and sauerkraut to the list of things I will make rather than buy. This year, I will make and install a ground feeding station for the birds and squirrels. And, the biggest decision of all, we will begin renovations on the inside of Sparrow Haven herself.

This should be an interesting year indeed. As always I will record our adventures at least once a week and occasionally make an extra post if we get a particularly challenging or interesting project accomplished.

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