Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Snow Day

We woke up a little later than planned this morning but we woke to a wonderful site. It finally started snowing. Mother Nature didn't hold out for 2007 like I was afraid she was going to do. It was so lovely, all the sounds of the highway and front road traffic damped down to almost nothing.

PeterC took the dogs for the morning walk and snapped a few pictures along the way. He even took one that I hope to use as our Christmas Card photos next year. The snow is a very heavy wet snow, perfect for snowball fights and snowman building. It'll stick to anything, especially the limbs of the trees.

For those who don't get to see snow, or who love it as much as I do, here are some Snow Day pictures for you.

Dunny loves snow as much as I do, but Muffet could leave it. I think she would be happy living in Florida.

The side yard and bird feeders covered in snow. It's so pretty like this.

The back yard under the trees. Snow covers up the damage from storms and gives the yard a pristeen look.

Holiday Card Perfect.

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