Monday, December 25, 2006

Making Sauerkraut II

The sauerkraut and the fermented vegetables have been sitting in the mudroom, the small 9 x 9 room attached to the back door, fermenting away in their crocks. It's been 8 weeks since I started the sauerkraut and 7 for the vegetables. The bubbles of gas have died down so it is time to can them for later use.

While the jars were in the canner covered with boiling water to sterilize them, we poured the kraut into the maslin pan and brought it to a simmer. We let it simmer for a few minutes to make sure it was good and hot and then we packed it into our jars. We decided to use pint and a half jars since we had seven. The eighth jar was a quart jar.

We filled each jar with kraut, packed it down, poured juice to cover, released the bubbles, and finally wiped the rims sealed with lids and pressure canned for 15 minutes at 5 lbs. We had a little left over that PeterC ate and found quite tasty.

We repeated the process for the fermented vegetables. In the end we have eight jars of sauerkraut and twelve pints of fermented vegetables. I've already been told that we will be doing another batch of kraut soon, so PeterC must have really enjoyed the leftovers.

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