Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Home Made Sausage

Like every new adventure here at Sparrow Haven, our most recent started off a little rocky.

I got the bright idea to make sausage with my new electric meat grinder, so I bought 15 lbs. of pork butt and 10 lbs. of cheap roast. I figured I could get all the meat ground and seasoned in a couple of hours. There is a learning curve on every new skill and sausage making was no exception.

I looked through all my favourite recipe sites and cookbooks and chose four recipes. I chose Breakfast sausage, Spicy Italian Sausage, Summer Sausage, and Kielbasa sausage all from Recipe'zaar. I had pulled all the meat out the day before so I was ready to go as soon as we got home from town. I was ready, or at lest I thought I was.

We got a later start than expected due to some trouble with the vehicle. It was almost 2 pm before I pulled the grinder out of its box and read all the directions. I cut the meat into 1 inch chunks and mixed the spices with the chunks of meat, as the directions for the grinder required. I slowly fed the meat into the grinder, which was much louder than expected, and watched as the ground meat came out the other end.

Before I started this project I had had enough sense to check with my friends over on Homesteading today to get tips and hints on making sausage. One of those tips was to cook up small patties as sample batches to test the spices. Boy, am I glad I did. the recipe I used sounded like it was spicy enough but after cooking some up we found it rather bland so more spices were added, and then some more, and then even more. Finally we had a breakfast sausage that both I and PeterC thought we would enjoy.

We made 24 patties and put the rest away into 1 lb chubs to be used for gravy. We finished that and I was ready to start the Italian when PeterC noticed it was almost 6 pm. We had worked right through to supper time, a total of 4 hours, and had only managed to make a single type of sausage and not very much of that even. So, with quite a bit of disappointment, we cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and resolved to do better on Friday.

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