Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Calendar Must be Wrong

I looked at the calendar this morning and saw that it is Dec 17th. I looked out the window and saw a lovely blue sky, and grass. I shrugged and thought to myself "Self, winter many times has no snow on the ground until just before Christmas. Let's just go out and enjoy a clear winter day."

So I shook myself off a little, those dust bunnies were beginning to gather on my pyjama hems, and got dressed in my best winter attire. I traipsed down the stairs and threw open the door to take a nice deep breath of good clean chill air. I promptly began choking.

The air was warm and moist, more like late spring and early winter. There were birds every where, but especially filling the hedge and covering the bird feeders filled the day before. I stumbled around outside for a bit, trying to get my bearings then it struck me. "Wham!" "Ow! Hey wait. Someone must have forget to flip the calendar and I slept through the winter like some brain dead armadillo. Boy is my boss gonna be mad."

Since I had hit upon the problem I dreamily went back inside, stripped off my coat and shoes, and wondered lazily into the kitchen. There I stared dumbfounded at the kitchen calendar. It also said it was Dec 17th. "What in the world?", I thought to myself and I went in search of the den calendar. It was hiding under the desk, but it too said Dec 17th.

I sat with a thump and "Raaaaooowllll! Hhhissssss" "Sorry Booboo", and stared at my computer screen. Here is my access to the truth. I can look on line and find out if there is some conspiracy with the calendars. So I booted up my PC, noticed that it to reported Dec 17th, and started looking on the Internet for some answers. I found my answers but I wish I could go back to bed and just forget what I read.

The world's climate is changing. The weather patterns are all messed up. We here are getting warmer, wetter, and windier. The rest of the world is seeing changes that could be just as severe. Places that used to have mild winters are now getting severe winter storms. Farms are being infested with bugs that are living through the winter rather than dying off. The ground and everything else is covered in mold because it is so wet. Entire ecosystems are changing.

Life is great at adapting to change but only if those changes happen slowly over a period of years. It becomes harder to adapt when changes are happening so quickly. Some people are celebrating the warmer temperatures but they don't grow their food. They buy it from the store. Will they be so happy when entire crops are lost to disease, bugs, and mold and the price skyrockets? Or worse yet, what will those people say when there is a shortage of food?

So now, I am going to turn off the computer and crawl back into bed. I hope when I wake up tomorrow I'll find out this is all just a bad dream. But when it turns out that it isn't, then I will do what I have always done. I will adapt as best I can to the changes around me and in the mean time I sure am glad I know how to grow my own food.

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