Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Winter Holidays

Every year the stores ramp up their Christmas advertising earlier and earlier. Most stores start putting out their Christmas displays as soon as Halloween was over, but a few began putting them out as early as Thanksgiving this year. It is rampant commercialism at its worst and carried out with the tide are those people who have become convinced that they can't live without that one gadget or gizmo or who believe that happiness can only be found at the top of a mound of debt.

We are no better off than any other family in this respect. When the holidays roll around we too rush out to the local mall and spend more than we can afford on gadgets that will only be used on occasion, if at all. We have allowed ourselves to be persuaded that we can not be happy unless we have a house full of useless clutter. That is until this year.

This year we decided that the holidays will not revolve around expensive toys with little intrinsic value. This year our holiday celebrations will revolve around family and friends, feasting, and helping those who can not help themselves. We are going to donate food to the Food Bank, participate in the Angel Tree program, and donate needed items to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We'll even add a donation to the Canadian Wildlife Federation if finances allow.

On December 24th we are going to turn off the computers, light a fire in the wood stove, and layout a small table of pickles, relishes, homemade breads, vegetables, and meats. We will sit in front the of the fire and enjoy the companionship of each other and our animal children. We will Celebrate the Season in quiet contemplation of our place in the world and plans for the future.

Should any visitors come to our door they will be given food and something warm to drink and made welcome to sit in front of the fire and share our bounty. That is Our Reason for the Season.

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Anonymous said...

Here, here, we fully agree. That is how we celebrate the season, with family, friends and lots and lots a yummy food. We also try to not be influenced by all the commercialisation but rather share our good fortune with those less fortunate (both financially and emotionally) because we were once on the receiving end. I really like the idea of turning off the computer but only after we track Santa on the Norad site. That's the only way to get the kids to bed at a decent time.