Sunday, November 05, 2006

Home Made Sauerkraut

Today, I decided to jump off the deep end and give real home made sauerkraut a try. Actually I decided to give it a try a month ago when I made my last visit of the year to Upper Canada Village. They had the tools set out for people to see and even had a little bit of cabbage cut into strips. So I made a list of the tools required and started researching recipes on Homesteading Today and other online recipe sites.

I went to Berry Hill and found the perfect crock for making sauerkraut. It's ceramic, glazed on the outside and stoneware on the inside, and will hold 3 gallons of liquid. They had several sizes available but they were all either to big or to small. This one was just right. I also ordered a cabbage slicer but it is on backorder.

The crock arrived Tuesday in the mail and I had been informed that making kraut was the easiest thing in the world was so I was eager to give it a try cabbage slicer or no. Friday, I bought 10 pounds of cabbage on the way home from work with every intention of starting the sauerkraut on Saturday. Chores got in the way so it wasn't until this morning that I finally took the plunge.

I washed the crock with hot soapy water, washed my cabbage, and pulled out my pickling salt. I sliced the cabbage as thin as I could using my knife and mixed 2 Tbsp of salt with each 2.5 pounds of sliced cabbage. I layered it into the crock and let it sit to form a brine. I then covered the crock and placed it in the coolest part of the house. In six weeks I'll know whether I made good sauerkraut or a slimy mess. I'll keep every informed as the process works.

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