Saturday, November 18, 2006

Coconut Rice

As much as I love to cook, sometimes it is wonderful to have a simple yet tasty meal for supper instead of a plate of meat and vegetables. My most recent attempt was based on a show called Feast India and was called Coconut Rice. Like most spur of the moment meals I didn't have all the ingredients so I made it up as I went. It turned out very well indeed.

Coconut Rice
2 cps Cooked rice (Jasmine is good)
1/2 cp coconut flakes
1 cup finely diced red onion
chopped green chilies to taste
1/4 cp fresh chopped coriander
dash of olive oil
salt to taste

In a dry round bottom skillet stir the coconut flakes until brown. Keep them moving or they will burn. After the coconut is browned add the onions and stir until the onion starts to soften. Add the rice and mix well, stirring constantly. Add the chilies and oil, mixing thoroughly then add the salt. Just before you serve add the fresh coriander and mix again.

The rice has a very delicate coconut taste and the chilies give it a bit of heat. This makes a great meal by itself or it can be served as a side dish for any meal. The green and white make a very striking dish that will compliment any table setting.

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PeterC said...

The rice was surprisingly light and fluffy. The chilli's sound hot, and could be when you bite down one, but were just the right combination with the sweet of the coconut.