Saturday, October 28, 2006

Introducing BooBoo, Assistant Carpenter

I'm a cat person and Sparrow Haven has become an unofficial, if small, cat rescue. When we arrived at Sparrow Haven we had three cats, two we had raised from kittenhood and another we rescued from the streets of Edmonton, Alberta. Now we share our house with ten cats in total, most of whom have been rescued in some form or another.

One of our most recent rescues is Booboo. He was born a barn cat, and was the only surviving male of 18 kittens. I took him and one of his half sisters in when the farmer threatened to drown them. He was a beautiful black and white cat and I tried to name him Checkers. The name just didn't seem right and so I kept looking. He discovered the upstairs banister at about the same time I discovered that he had no sense of balance. After the third fall from the banister upstairs to the first floor, we realized we would never be able to call him anything other than Booboo.

Like most barncats, that have not been handled, Booboo and his sister were both very wild when we got them at six weeks, running for cover at the slightest sound or move on our part. As they have aged they have become less the wild barncats and more the timid housecats. Cassie, Boo's sister is still quite skittish at times but loves to sneak into my lap while I watch TV. She then kneads my stomach, purrs loudly, and occasionally drools on my arm.

Booboo hates to be held but is otherwise much less skittish and more affectionate than his sister. He greets us at the door with loud, plaintive cries demanding attention and tummy rubs. He'll arch his back if we even think about bending over to pet him, and usually in the process falls over on his side with a loud thump. Yep, he is still clumsy but thankfully he doesn't climb on the banister upstairs anymore.

This weekend we bought a large chef's table for the kitchen that had to be assembled. I decided sooner was better than later. Well Booboo decided he wanted to help. He inspected every single piece of wood as I removed it from the shipping carton, even climbing into the assembled top to give a full and proper inspection to the joints and drawer slides.

While I was screwing the pieces together he made sure that my spacing and alignment were to his exact specifications, even going so far as to move the boards if they weren't to his satisfaction. Considering some of the layouts he came up with, I wonder if he can see in a straight line. If not, that may explain why he can't walk a straight line and he falls over all the time.

Of course, like most cats, Booboo has a very short attention span. After all the hard work of arranging boards and telling me how to assemble the table what more can an overworked kitty do but take a nap. He tried to keep an eye on me, to make sure I wasn't goofing off, but like most overlords, he soon found himself unable to stay awake as his minion slaved on. Bless his little heart.

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