Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hurricane Ernesto

This week, hurricane Ernesto side swiped the Atlantic Coast States of the United States. It then headed inland where it made a bee line for southern Ontario. The weather forecasters went into frantic drama mode and spent hours of every day telling us to be ready for high wind and heavy rainfall.

Friday evening the wind was gusting but no rain and even fewer clouds were seen. Saturday it was cloudy all day and the wind was more on than off but still it classified as gusting. Finally, last night we heard the wind start and never stop but still no rain. The news last night showed Toronto and Ottawa being deluged but here, in peaceful Sparrow Haven, we had some strong gusts of wind but nothing dangerous or worrisome.

Today, it is still cloudy and the wind is still gusting. One of my lawn chairs is laying on its back, a solar lantern sits on the ground blown from its hanger and broken, and one of my summer squash is laying on its side its mass of sail like leaves catching the wind. Leaves litter the ground like lost fledglings and the birds are all quiet and presumably sleeping somewhere cozy.

With the first hurricane of the season to make it's way north to Canada, it can be said that fall is officially here. We may get an Indian Summer later in September but for now it is cool and damp. The fall season has arrived with less of a trumpet and more of faltering toot of a tired old horn. But, this is only the first blow of fall. As the winter creeps ever closer we're bound to see more rain and lots more wind.

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