Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Year of the Monarch

Here at Sparrow Haven each year is named for something special or unusual that happened. Last year it was the Year of the Apple because our old 75 year old apple tree bloomed like crazy. This year, it is the Year of the Monarch. Monarch Butterfly that is.

The first sighting was a single butterfly floating gracefully over the freshly cut grass of the back yard. The second sighting was one afternoon when the highest temperature was barely 22 degrees C and the humidity was quite low. We watched in fascination as several Monarchs flitted and fluttered around the outer edges of the trees in our yard. The would alight only to float away a few seconds later.

We tried to get pictures of the butterflies as the flitted gently around the back yard but they seem to have a second sense concerning photographs. No sooner had I turned the camera on and pointed it vaguely in their direction, off they would go to land gently on the next leaf. After several hours of trying to take photos all I can offer is a link to another page with information on the unusual visitors.

The temperatures have gone back up to more normal highs of 30C with humidity up into the 70% and higher range. The Monarchs have been absent from the yard these last few days so we can only assume that the heat and humidity has driven them back to their more normal haunts, wherever that may be.

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