Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sparrow Haven gets a Facelift

When we bought this house we knew that painting was going to be one of the first tasks that needed to be done. Last year we scraped, sanded, primed, and finally painted the west wall during our two week vacation. We tried to change the colours from white with green trim to white with blue trim. Unfortunately the blue turned out brighter than we originally wanted. We also managed to break a few panes of glass which had to be repaired.
This year we planned on getting the north wall done in May and the rest of the house done now, during our two week vacation. Between rain and arguments we finally broke down and decided to call in a professional sometime in June. The quote was reasonable and he was willing to replace the siding that had rotted over the years. Our original quote was just the house but we asked him to paint the porch and garage as well.

While we have yet to receive a new paper quote to cover the additional costs, the painter began working on the house last week. He brought a team of men out and within a couple of days they had scraped the house almost down to the bare wood. Friday they tried to put on the first coat of primer but they were rained out before they could even finish two window frames. They didn't come out Saturday or yesterday as it was a long weekend.

Today, when we got home from town we discovered that they had been and gone already but there is a noticeable change to the house. The windows frames and roof facings have been painted with the first coat of our chosen blue, a nice dark Heritage Blue. The rotten siding pieces have been replaced and look great even if they are only bare wood right now. They even added some caulking between the back porch and the north wall.

It is still a long way from being finished but finally the end is in sight. Now I can concentrate on doing repairs that I know how to do rather than trying to learn how to scrape, paint, and repair siding all while balancing on a very tall ladder. I'll post better pictures when the job is finally completed.

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Anonymous said...

Love your posts Dee. Have a nice holiday. House is looking good!!!