Friday, June 16, 2006

Sunshine at Last

I didn't think we were going to see sun this year but believe it or not it's been sunny two days in a row. The weather casters are calling for more rain tomorrow but today I am happy. The garden has responded very well to the recent change in the weather.

New leaves are coming out all over and the Alaska Sweet Peas are blooming even though a rabbit did its best to eat them all back to six inches high. The lettuce is beginning to thicken up in the center, getting ready to create a head. The second spinach bed we planted is doing so well that we could eat spinach every night for supper and not pick it all. Definitely a good chance of at least some of the peppers surviving and maturing.

The biggest surprise was how well the various kinds of squash are doing. We planted Buttercup, Spaghetti, Summer Hybrid, Butternut, Yellow Crook-Neck, and Zucchini this year. The Spaghetti squash didn't come up at all and the Crook-Neck hasn't sprouted yet but everything else is growing strong and putting out new leaves on an almost daily basis.

The pole beans I planted are really coming up but the corn we planted with the beans didn't sprout. I'm not sure why I plant corn every year but each year I try a different kind, or a different method of growing it. Each year it will either ignore my attempts or send up weak little sprouts that succumb to the ravages of raccoons and squirrels.

All in all not a bad turn out this year at all.

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