Thursday, June 22, 2006

Someone is in the Kitchen

I have many pleasures in life, one of them cooking. I grew up in the Southern USA so there are many cultural meals we cook for ourselves that we can't get anywhere else. In the area I grew up in, it was easy to find pulled pork sandwiches, cornbread, fresh cooked greens, black-eyed peas, and biscuits at the local eateries. Here in Canada, those every day, common man, meals can only be found in my own kitchen.

I'm not sure that PeterC really enjoyed my cooking when we first got married. PeterC is of French - English ancestry and quite unused to the common meals of my old home. And, if I am completely truthful, I wasn't the best cook when it came to my cultural meals. I could cook a mean pulled pork sandwich but the finer points of southern cooking resisted my attempts.

It wasn't until we moved to Sparrow Haven that I finally learned how to cook southern style meals correctly. I can only attribute that to an old, 1932, Watkin's Cookbook that I purchased on Ebay. It didn't teach me southern style cooking but it gave me the recipes for frugal, common, everyday foods which is the quintessential essence of Southern Cooking.

Or maybe, I matured enough to appreciate the simpler fare that has allowed poor families to survive on what little food they could scratch from the dirt. Perhaps that is more the truth for as I age I find myself thinking fondly on those meals that I detested as a child. At the rate I'm going, I will be my mother in another twenty years or so.

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