Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lordy, Lordy, look at the Garden now

We've had a wonderfully cool and wet beginning to summer. So far we've had sun in the mornings and rain in the evenings. Not so much rain that I fear the garden will drown, but enough rain that I've only had to water the garden once in the last three weeks.

The garden is loving it and producing very well indeed. There are a few dozen baby pea pods on the peas. The spinach is growing full as are the beets, carrots, and bush beans We have blooms on all the squash and gourd plants and quite a few baby squash too. There are three small zucchini and at least six baby summer squash. It's hard to keep my fingers away from them. I want so badly to have fresh squash for supper tonight but I am being good and letting them grow a little bigger.

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