Friday, June 09, 2006

Holy Toads!

I learned something new today that I would like to share with you. Toads can climb fences and are quite good at it too.

During our daily tour of the garden to see how things are progressing I noticed this fellow cruising along at a pretty good clip up the plastic fence around one of our raised beds. While PeterC ran for the camera, I watched our little dare devil climb confidently higher one step at a time. He would reach up with his front foot, grab the plastic, then bring his hind leg up to the next strand. First his front right and left rear, then his front left and right rear. Hand over hand like an experienced mountain climber. Quite amazing and amusing to watch.

When PeterC finally arrived with the camera, the toad stopped climbing and held on while the photo was being take. PeterC took several pictures to make sure we got one good one and it was a good thing too. Out of seven photos taken only one turned out nice and clear. Finally the toad jumped from the fence and headed into the higher grass. I'm pretty sure he would have finished his climb up if we hadn't bumped the fence trying to get one more close-up photo. Isn't nature fascinating?

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